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Your Professional Sydney Conference Management Team

We Do Conferences, Events, Seminars, Product Launches

We are Sydney-based conference organiser and are proud to be dedicated to providing conference organising skills for a range of areas from agricultural based conferences through to science, technology-based seminars and meetings; logistics, metallurgy, mining and the arts. We understand the importance placed on industries, where fields of experts, management, technical teams, logistics and product teams come together from an array of diverse backgrounds to learn, build and network for the betterment of industries and a need to strive with improvement.


Help us to help you put on a conference that generates increased value for the areas you all work in. We are here to put you all together in a professional conference environment.


Conference Event Coordinators Who Plan Everything from A to Z

We’re a passionate team of professional conference organisers based in Sydney. We work closely with clients across industries and event sizes to plan and execute smooth-running conferences.

We know that hosting a conference is a stressful but exciting time and we want to take on the planning work to make it easier for you. We’ll make sure all the little details come together perfectly to ensure your event will be one to remember. Our small and dedicated team can handle all the details, including:


  • Programmes

  • Delegates

  • Speakers

  • Audio

  • Morning teas

  • Lanyards

  • Lunches

  • Coffee Carts

  • Name tags

  • Promotion

  • Welcome receptions

  • Visual

  • Official dinners

  • Entertainment

  • Sponsors

  • and so much more

Whatever your conference or event requires, we can do it, and well!


Get in touch with us on 0402 000 945 today to discuss your next conference with Sydney’s professional conference event coordinators!

Working with you to plan a knockout conference

As some of Sydney's most trusted conference organisers, we are here to listen, talk, advise, cost, and action. We'll provide the stringent management and planning necessary to host a conference with a carefree, natural vibe.

Planning a range of options:

Whether it’s a small or large event, every conference is unique. It presents challenges – new and old – which need to be handled quickly and effectively to keep things on track. We can help you perfect every detail from venues to theming, branding and banners, catering, sponsorships or even entertainment. Let us take you through the options as each event / conference is different and unique. Winter, summer, rain or shine, we are here to work together.

If you were after a corporate event other than a conference, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch to discuss our other event styles from cocktail parties to Christmas parties and every event that falls between.


Conference management with a focus on people

One of the great things about conferences are the people, assembling talented experts in a range of fields for collective minds to come together.

Networking and social activities are an important part of every conference. They aid and improve business processes through discovering new technologies, or new ways of doing things, as well as in the understanding of others and their work. This improves industries and helps drive us forward in our chosen fields.

We’re a boutique events agency which is one of the reasons we focus so highly on perfecting every detail. As a family business, husband and wife team, you can trust that we’re stronger when we work together. With all our combined event planning experience we understand that at the heart of every great event are great people who make it work. If a focus on people is important to you, then we’re the right events coordinators for the project.

Let us help bring you all together.

Discuss your upcoming event with your conference coordinator today!

Call us on 0402 000 945.

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"Conferences bring together industry experts, academia, specialists and others for the betterment of industries"

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